YG Entertaiment

YG Entertaiment is a record agency which can be found in Seoul, South Korea. It’s one of the biggest agency in Korea. Most of its production are RnB and HipHop music. YG stands for Yang Goon and also the initials of the chief executive officer, Yang Hyun Suk. This agency has been found since March, 1996 and has created well known ones, including Se7en, Tablo and Gummy ( solo ), BigBang ( Boyband ), 2ne1 ( Girlband ). This agency doesn’t force its actress or actors for doing plastic surgery, especially to its new girlband who consist of 7 members, because it appreciates what have been given by God, and it wants to make and produce a singer ( solo/boyband/girlband ) who is good in singing or dancing but she/he has original beauty

Records release through YG Entertainment’s distributor, Mnet Media, Avex Entertaiment and YG Entertainment has recently formed a new project in Japan called YGEX. YG Family’s official site :

The examples of singers/boyband/girlband (artist ) who is YG Family :

  1. Se7en
  2. Gummy
  3. Big Bang
  4. 2NE1

In March 1996, Yang Hyun Suk, a former member of Seo Taji and Boys, founded YG Entertainment. The first group to debut on the label was Keep Six, with their only album Six in tha Chamber released in May the same year. Jinussean was the next artist to debut on the label and was the first to achieve mainstream success. Group  1TYM  followed along with CEO Yang Hyun Suk’s album release. 1TYM and Jinusean are often credited with bringing hip hop to the mainstream Korean audience. In 1999, the company’s artists created a collaboration album under the name YG Family.

The label soon released albums by artists Perry, Swi.T, Wheesung, and a second YG Family collaboration in the following years. In 2003, Big Mama debuted as the first group famed for their voices as opposed to appearance. Se7en debuted after, along with Lexy and Gummy. In 2005, the YG Underground label was created and grew to contain the artists 45RPM and Stony Skunk. In addition, Se7en began to go abroad to sell records in Japan in a joint effort between YG Entertainment and Nexstar Records. Big Bang debuted in 2006 and was the company’s first idol group.

Big Bang skyrocketed in popularity from the time of their debut to the release of their second Korean album, Remember . 2008 was also marked by new releases from Gummy and Uhm Jung Hwa. In 2009, 2ne1 debuted and also quickly became one of the K-pop industry leaders. Big Bang branched out into Japan during this time and released their first Japanese language album, Big Bang, G-Dragon leader of Big Bang, released his solo album in Korea and it became the highest selling album of 2009.

Psy, a rap artist, signed onto the label in 2010 and released the album Psy Five. In addition, the company applied to the stock exchange but was rejected. It is suspected that the reason was because YG Entertainment had too few music groups and an unstable cash flow, despite increasing earnings in Korea and Japan in 2009. YG Entertainment eventually passed the Stock Exchange Commission’s screening to go public on the KOSDAQ. The stock price is anticipated to be set around 24,600~28,800 WON (around $22 – $26 USD with a face value of 500 WON). Around 35 billion won (around $33 million USD) will be up for trade on the initial public offering

On September 27, 2011, YG Entertainment announced that Tablo fromEpik High signed an exclusive 4-year contract with them

YG Family :


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